Each tenancy candidate must complete a separate application

Personal Information
Rental Information

I hereby make application to rent, Apt. # effective . (hereinafter referred to as 'the Premises')

Current Address
Previous Address
Current Employer
Previous Employer
Have you ever declared bankruptcy, or been a party to a Landlord and Tenant Court Action?
Current lease term completed?
Rent paid on time?
All cheques honoured by bank?
Sufficient notice to move given?
Will rental be left in good condition?
Spouse and/or Occupants
Emergency Contact
Personal / Credit References
Finalize Application

I, the undersigned do hereby understand and agree that upon mutual acceptance by myself and the Landlord, whether conducted verbally, or in writing, I shall be bound and be deemed to have entered into a Tenancy Agreement with the Landlord in terms of the Landlord’s usual form, on or before the agreed upon date of possession. I further confirm that upon acceptance of this application by the Landlord, I will execute the Tenancy Agreement, take possession of the suite, and the Deposit shall become the Security Deposit. In the event that I refuse to take possession or neglect to do so, I agree to be bound by the terms of the Tenancy Agreement jointly and severally with all co-applicants if any. I, the undersigned, agree that should I fail to enter upon such Tenancy Agreement, for any reason whatsoever, the deposit shall be forfeited. I, the undersigned hereby confirm the information set out on this Application as true, and expressly authorizes all references given to release information about myself to the Landlord for verification. I agree that should any of this information be dishonest or misrepresented, it will result in the immediate cancellation of this Residential Tenancy Rental Application.

I, the undersigned authorize Avail Properties Inc, their owners or their agents to contact the references supplied herein as well as check my credit information and personal information using this application or any other sources which they may deem necessary for the assessment of the application.

The Landlord agrees that the Deposit herewith shall be returned to the applicant without interest in the event of this Offer being declined by the Landlord.

I have answered all of the questions truthfully to the best of my ability. *
I hereby authorize the person or company to whom this application is delivered to obtain my credit report for the purpose of entering into or renewing a tenancy agreement. My SIN will only be used to verify that the credit report is accurately matched up with the correct data contained in my credit file. My information will be held in the strictest confidence. *