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Notice of Intent to Assign Lease

Minimum Assignment Term is 4 Calendar Months. Leases with less than 4 calendar months remaining cannot be assigned


Would like to assign the lease of:

Effective as of:


'I/we understand that there is a $75 fee to assign the lease, which in no way constitutes release for my obligations under the terms of the lease agreement. I understand that this fee and form must be received at Forthright Properties prior to any marketing, showings or acceptance of any applications for my suite. I/we agree to pay this fee by cheque, cash, online banking, debit card or credit card (3% fee).' *

I agree

'I understand that I am responsible for locating, advertising, meeting with, and providing accurate information to prospective tenant. At the request of the tenant, Forthright is prepared to advertise and provide leasing services to aid in the search for a suitable replacement. All applications must meet the same standards set out by Forthright for any and all applicants and require the approval of Forthright Properties, prior to the assignment of the lease. I/we understand that advertising, marketing, and leasing costs reach $100+ per month, per suite. I/we understand these potential charges and are prepares to pay a $100/month charge should circumstances cause Forthright to be unable to properly market my suite. These include, but are not limited to: -Suite cleanliness/presentation -Viewing times limited/revoked within reasonable hours (8:00 am – 8:00 pm, 7 days/week) -Tenant interference -Availability changes after assignment I/we understand that although Forthright will assist me in the renting of my suite, I/we will remain responsible for all obligations under the lease, including payment of rent and utilities, until such time as the suite is rented, or the lease expires; regardless of whether or not I continue to reside in the suite. I also understand that the receipt of an approved prospective tenant’s application does not release me from my obligations, until this application is confirmed by the execution of a new lease.' *

I agree

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