1. Please only complete one application, as we are only able to process one per person. If you wish to apply for multiple units, simply inform our agent when they contact you and they will be pleased to assist.

2. Applications will be processed within two business days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays) of being received.

3. All occupants over the age of 18 must complete a separate Rental Application.

4. Errors or omissions may disqualify you as a potential tenant.

Apartment Information
Personal Information
Address Information
Employment Information
Other Proposed Occupants

If you were referred to rent with us by a current Mainstreet tenant please provide their information

Other Information
Do you have pets?:
If yes:
Have you ever had eviction papers served to you, been evicted, or denied lease renewal?:
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?:

It is the obligation of each approved tenant to hold a renter’s all-risk and comprehensive insurance policy including a minimum $2,000,000 liability insurance component with the provider of their choice. I agree to maintain the insurance policy for the entire term of my tenancy. Proof of valid renter’s insurance is required at or before signing a lease. If valid proof is not produced at the time of lease signing, a lease will not be offered and keys to the premises will not be released.

I agree to the terms above.

I warrant that the information supplied herein is true and correct. I am at least 18 years of age and my name is listed on this application as it appears on my government issued ID. I understand that false or intentional omission of requested information may result in automatic denial of this application.

I understand that all personal information collected from me may be collected, used and disclosed by Mainstreet Equity Corp for the purpose of my application assessment, for the purpose of debt collection, to uphold and maintain the rules and regulations of the property, to evaluate my tenancy, to comply with applicable law and in the ordinary course of Mainstreet Equity Corp's business, including but not limited to, any refinancing or potential sale of the property, and normal course dealing with providers of utilities and other like services. Any security deposit paid is to be considered as a rental deposit, forfeitable, in the event that the applicant does not take occupancy on the commencement date as agreed upon or fails to execute the standard lease agreement when present for execution.

I agree to the terms above.


Residential Rental Application Privacy Consent Form

(For one or two co-tenancy applicants otherwise complete a separate application)*

Definitions: Information**

The word Information means credit information, personal information, and information about the services you use that are provided by the Landlord as listed in this rental application and information relating to your tenancy at the Premises applied for in this rental application including information regarding the duration of your tenancy, monthly rent, emergency contacts and any matters relating to your lease/tenancy agreement, including misrepresentations relating to, defaults under and/or breaches of your lease/tenancy agreement or any other matter experienced by The Landlord.

Credit Information means information about you, including your name, age, date of birth, occupation, place of residence, previous places of residence, occupancy length, marital status, co-occupant’s/spouse’s/same-sex partner’s name and age, number of dependants, particulars of education or professional qualifications, field of employment, places of employment, previous places of employment, employment durations, estimated income, paying habits, outstanding debt obligations, cost of living obligations, involvement in bankruptcy proceedings or landlord and tenant disputes, assets, and banking information (including account and credit card information).

Personal Information means information about you other than credit information that is relevant to your suitability as a tenant, including information gathered from references (provided by you to The Landlord) concerning your character, reputation, physical or personal characteristics or mode of living or about any other matter or experience concerning you that is relevant to your suitability as a tenant.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information:

In consideration for the Landlord accepting you as a tenant and entering into a lease/tenancy agreement with you, you expressly consent to and authorize the following:

  1. The Landlord may obtain Information about you through a tenancy and/or credit report conducted by Rent Check Credit Bureau and as permitted or required by law. You expressly authorize Rent Check Credit Bureau to provide Credit Information regarding you to The Landlord.
  2. The Landlord may use Information about you to determine your suitability as a tenant and as permitted or required by law.
  3. The Landlord may disclose Credit Information about you to Rent Check Credit Bureau, as permitted or required by law, for inclusion within a database of rent-roll information and within a tenancy file on you, for purposes of:
    • tenant reporting and credit reporting in accordance with provincial credit and consumer reporting acts;
    • establishing a credit history and or rental history;
    • maintaining aggregate statistical data for purposes of tenancy and credit scoring; and
    • supporting the credit approval process in accordance with governing legislation.
  4. You expressly authorize Rent Check Credit Bureau to retain positive Credit Information regarding you for the purposes outlined in section 3 above, for up to 20 (twenty) years. Negative Credit Information shall be maintained on record in accordance with provincial credit and consumer reporting acts.
  5. You agree that all statements on this Residential Rental Application are true and you expressly authorize all references given to release information about you to the Landlord for verification subject to sections 1 to 5.

Please provide your consent by checking the following box and signing in the appropriate space below:

Yes, I have read and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of Information as outlined above. I have read, understood and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.
Yes, I have read and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of Information as outlined above. I have read, understood and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

*DISCLAIMER: Rent Check does not represent, warrant or guarantee that this Consent Statement will be valid or enforceable in all circumstances or for every landlord. Each individual landlord should modify the language of this Consent Statement to suit their individual circumstances, and should obtain legal advice regarding the appropriate consent to be obtained from their prospective tenants.

Proof of Income

Please upload a document that verifies your income (i.e. tax return, pay stubs):