The Kelson Group Rent Assistance Program is made available to eligible residents experiencing financial hardship due to income loss as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada.

You are eligible for this rent relief program if the following apply to you (please check all that apply):

You have experienced a loss of employment or income due to circumstances related to COVID-19.
OR You are ill or are taking care of someone who is ill with COVID-19 and this has affected your income.
AND You have applied to receive financial assistance from the Government of Canada or your province of residence.
1. Application Information (Primary Tenant)

2. Additional Tenant Information (if applicable

3. General Income Information

3.1 Employment Information (please complete for each adult tenant):

* If you have recently been laid off, please provide a copy of your Record of Employment (ROE) at the end of application.
3.2 Other Income Sources (please list):
Sources can include Employment Insurance (EI), Pensions, Support Income, Emergency Care Benefit, Relatives, Rent Relief from other providers.

3.3 Total Monthly Income from All Sources:

4.0 Rent Repayment Plan
We understand that even with additional support, you may not be able to pay the full amount of your current rent. Please complete the following:
4.1 Are you able to make a rent payment the 1st?
4.2 What is the amount of rent you can pay the 1st?
4.3 If you are unable to pay the full amount of your rent, when can you make additional payments towards your rent?

4.4 Please provide any additional information which may help us in assessing your application for rental assistance:
5.0 Declaration and Consent (please read & sign):
This is my/our application and all the information in it is correct; fully discloses my/our income from all sources; and accurately represents my current living circumstances.
I/we permit Kelson Group Property Management to use the information provided in this application in order to assess my/our eligibility for rental assistance under the Kelson Group Rental Assistance Program.
If I/we wish to withdraw this declaration and Consent, I/we may do so at any time in writing to Kelson Group Property Management.
1. Complete, sign and date application: Unsigned applications will be returned
2. Attach supporting documents. Do not send original documents.
3. Submit application: Applications may be emailed confidentially to, faxed to 250-372-1939 or put in the building manager’s mail drop box. Out of respect for social distancing at this time, please do not give this form personally to your building manager.
4. Your Building Manager will contact you to confirm your proposed payment plan and discuss various options: we are making every effort to help you through these challenging times.