Qualifications Guidelines

Welcome to our community. It is our policy to adhere to all Fair Housing guidelines and to all laws pertaining to Fair Housing, which prohibit discriminatory housing practices based on color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. All prospective residents will be required to meet the following qualification standards to include but not be limited to


  • 1 bedroom 2 people maximum
  • 2 bedroom 4 people maximum
  • 3 bedroom 6 people maximum


  • All leaseholders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All adults must be listed as leaseholders on the lease.


  • Current l-551
  • Current l-688A
  • Current l-94
  • Verified social security number or W-7


  • Monthly income must be at least three times the monthly rent.
  • Verifiable employment history
    • Employment verification form from employer on company letterhead
    • The past 2 months of pay check stubs
  • Self-employed applicants will be required to provide verifiable proof of income, which will support the ability of the applicant to pay rent for three times the monthly amount throughout the entire lease term. Acceptable proof includes
    • Three consecutive months of bank statements showing income being deposited.
    • A financial statement from a CPA showing income.

Credit History:

  • All applicants will be reviewed in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Any applicant with an eviction or a collection debt from housing will be denied.
  • Any applicant with a large number of collections may be denied or may be required to pay a higher security deposit

Residential History:

  • Verifiable rental history
  • Mortgages are considered rental history
  • Any eviction or negative reference from an apartment complex or landlord is an automatic disqualifier
  • Personal references are not accepted

Criminal History:

  • Any felony conviction or pending charge is an automatic disqualifier.
  • Any drug related conviction or pending charge is an automatic disqualifier.
  • Any conviction or pending charge for a sexual offense, violence, or injury to person is automatic disqualifiers.

In the event that the applicant does not meet the Employment, Credit, or Residential history criteria, management may require a higher security deposit for acceptance.

Apartment Information
* required
Personal Information
Have You ever been evicted from a home or otherwise asked to move out of a home?
Have You ever been convicted (or any court decision equivalent to conviction) of a felony, misdemeanor involving a controlled substance, violence to another person or destruction of property, or a sex crime requiring Your registration as a sex offender?
Other Proposed Occupants
Present Address
Previous Owned Home
Occupational Information
Vehicle Information
Emergency Contact
Pet Information
Attached Documents
Application Agreements and Authorization

A. Application Fee

You agree to pay Us an application fee of (“Fee').
You understand and agree that We shall not consider or otherwise review Your Application until the Fee is paid in full for Our processing of this Application, and the Fee includes Our costs for verifying the authenticity of the information that You provide and to obtain or otherwise procure information regarding Your credit history, criminal background. and rental references. As such, You understand and agree that the Fee is nonrefundable, whether or not We approve Your Application or later decide to enter into a rental agreement with You.

B. Other Fee(s)

You also agree to pay Us additional fees of (“Additional Fee').
as a condition of Our willingness to Review your application. The Additional Fees are further described as:

Representations You agree that, in submitting this Application to Us, all the information You provide in this Application is true and correct to the best of Your knowledge. if We later discover that any information You provide in this Application is false, then You understand and agree that We may, at Our sole option, reject this Application and immediately rescind or terminate any current or future agreement management we may have with You, Should You fail to answer any 'Yes or No' question in this Application, You also represent that Your answer to any such question is “No.' You also agree that Your submission of this Application to Us does not constitute any agreement to rent the Home to You. You further agree that: in the event We approve of Your Application, any such approval does not constitute a lease or agreement of any kind with you, as any such approval may be rescinded by Us, in Our sole discretion, at any time prior to Our signing a lease with You, and that any such approval is conditioned entirely upon You, prior to moving into the Home, signing all lease forms) that We present to You for signature.

Application release and authorization Signing this Application, whether electronically or by signing below, You hereby authorize Us and any agent or contractor of Ours to obtain a consumer credit report and any other information necessary in Our sole discretion to assist in Our evaluation of this Application. You understand and agree that any such information obtained by Us may include, but is not limited to, Your; credit history, criminal conviction record, evidence of any civil litigation and civil judgments, past rental history, employment history, salary information and history, vehicle records, driver's license recods, driving history, and any other necessary information or supporting documents that You shall provide to Us immediately upon Our request retroactively, the 'information'). As a condition of management agreeing to consider and review Your application, You hereby release the following any and all liability in the procurement. use, distribution, furnishing, confirmation, and possession of the information: (1) Us and Our principals, investors, employees, agents, and vendors, and the owner(s) of the community or property generally described in this Application, and (2) any third party who furnishes, supplies, confirms, or refutes the information You provided to Us in this Application. You also understand and agree that We may, at Our sole discretion, provide the information to state, local, and/or federal government agencies upon their request. Our disposal of certain regulated information from You or from third parties arising from this Application shall be done pursuant to applicable law, including 16 part 682 et seq. and NC. Gen. Stat. § 75-64 et seq.

I/We have answered all of the questions truthfully to the best of my ability. *