Application for Residency

To Apply You Will Need
  • A separate application for each adult (18+) planning to occupy the suite
  • Copy of government issued ID

If you are currently working:
  • Copy of 3 recent paystubs (If you don't have your current paystub, please provide proof of employment, ie. job offer letter, letter of employment, etc)

If you are a Senior (age 65+):
  • Proof of income such as recent CRA notice of assessment and Copy of 3 recent bank statements

If you are a student:
  • You must provide proof of enrolment (this can be printed off from the online registration systems or can be requested from the registrar’s or admissions office) Proof of enrolment MUST include your name and the name of your school or university.
  • Verification of your income such as 3 recent bank statements, Notice of Assessment from CRA, 3 recent paystubs, letter of employment, student loan papers and proof of any other income you receive
  • Cosigner/Guarantor completed application (recent paystubs or letter of employment is required)*
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS will be required to provide photocopies of their valid passport and valid visa.

If you Own a Company:
  • Proof of income such as CRA notice of assessment or income statement
  • Business license or registration

If you do not have rental history:
  • Cosigner/Guarantor completed information is required*
  • *Guarantor – must be living in Canada, working full time, provide proof of income (3 recent paystubs or employment letter), filled application and reference consent form and copy of government issued ID

Please note that we may request or require additional information in order to process your application depending on individual circumstances. If you or your co-signer cannot provide an employment letter, you may provide your most recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.


Upon acceptance of this application by the Landlord and/or his agent, the applicant(s) agree to execute a tenancy agreement in the landlord's standard form.

Any misrepresentation of information on the application will lead to the termination of your tenancy agreement.

If the Landlord finds that the applicant is qualified and is approved, the deposit will then be held by the Landlord and will only be refundable per the signed tenancy agreement. The Landlord will require the tenant to pay a separate pet deposit fee if the tenant(s) has a pet.

In the event the applicant(s) does not qualify for residency, the deposit shall be fully refunded.

It is further understood by the applicant(s) that it is their responsibility to communicate with the resident manager as to the status of their application.

The first month’s rent must be paid in full prior to move-in.

Tenancy Information

Read carefully before signing — this is a legal document that imposes legal obligations on you. All persons who will be occupying the apartment must be named as an occupant. A separate application is required for all persons over 18 years of age. No pets are allowed unless specifically approved by the Landlord in accordance with the applicable building’s pet policy.

I would like to apply to rent unit:

Personal Information
Rental History

Applicant Questions

Vehicle Information
Hybrid Vehicle
Fully Electric Vehicle
Other Proposed Occupants
Pet Information - Complete this section if the apartment unit you are applying for is pet friendly

Guarantor/Co-Signer Information (required if no rental history)

Attached Documents

If you don't have your current paystub, please provide proof of employment, ie. job offer letter, letter of employment, etc
Finalize Application

I hereby give Marwest Management Canada Ltd. permission to perform a personal reference check including credit inquiry on all the information that has been provided.

I agree to the terms above. *
I have answered all of the questions truthfully to the best of my ability. *