Rental Application

This Rental Application is © London Property Management Association, 2013. Version: 04-2013.

1. Rental Premises Applied For:
Parking privileges required for private automobile(s): Outside Underground Covered Garage
NOTE: No Dogs, Cats, or Other Pets or animals allowed
Applicant's Acceptance, re: NO PETS (Service Animals excepted)
2. Applicant(s)
Present Address
Apt. #
Postal Code
Applicant (1)
Applicant (2)
Contact Information
Applicant (1)
Applicant (2)
3. Proposed Occupant(s) [in addition to Applicants]:
Birth Date
Birth Date
Term to Commence
Term to end
Date accomodation required
Rental Incentive

If the Rented Premises are subject to a rental discount, the amount of the discount shall be $ which shall be given as follows:

A Pro-Rated Rent of $ is to paid in advance to cover the period of from to

4. (i) Rental Information: [Includes discount specified in 4(ii)]
Monthly Rental
Air Conditioner
Additional Services
Additional Services

The Applicants agree to pay for the following services and facilities applicable to the Rented Premises and to provide written confirmation from applicable utilities prior to commencement of lease that utilities are in Applicants name(s):

Specify Yes or No
Water Heater Rental
Cable TV
4. (ii)

The charges listed in 4(i) above include a 2% Prompt Payment Discount which shall be given monthly only if Total Monthly Rental is paid on or before the first day of each month. This discount may be discontinued, in the Landlord’s sole discretion, at any time after the expiry of the initial term of this Agreement.

4. (iii) Summary of Monies to be paid
Total Monthly Rental for first month's rent
Pro-Rated Rent
Contract Deposit
Refundable deposits: (for laundry, entry, key/card)
Contract Deposit received with this Rental Application
Applicant's Particulars
Employment Information
Banking Information
Vehicle Information
Additional Information
Uploadable Documents

Two personal (other than relatives) and one credit other than the aforementioned Bank. Must be completed in full.

In Case of Emergency, Contact next of kin:

I/We hereby certify the information provided above and on the reverse of this form (Applicant's Particulars) to be true. I/We agree and acknowledge that upon acceptance of this Rental Application by the Landlord, I/We shall hereby be bound to a Tenancy Agreement with the Landlord on the terms and conditions set out in this Rental Application and shall further be bound to all of the terms and conditions of a Tenancy Agreement incorporating the above terms into the Landlord’s usual form which I/We have been given the opportunity to review. It is further agreed and acknowledged that upon acceptance of this Rental Application by the Landlord, the Contract Deposit shall be deemed to be a Rent Deposit and applied towards the rent of the last month of the tenancy created by such acceptance. I/We acknowledge that, before taking possession, I/We shall provide proof of obtaining Tenants' Liability and Contents Insurance to the Landlord.

If the Landlord is unable to give possession of the rented premises on the date of commencement of the term for any reason, the Landlord shall not be subject to any liability to the Applicants and shall give possession as soon as the Landlord is able to do so. The rent shall abate until possession of rented premises is offered by the Landlord to the Tenant. Failure to give possession on the date of commencement shall not in any way affect the validity of the Tenancy Agreement, the obligations of the Tenant or in any way be construed to extend the term of this Tenancy Agreement. Upon acceptance of this Rental Application by the Landlord, this Rental Application by the terms of clause 27 of the Tenancy Agreement is deemed to form part of the Tenancy Agreement. Any omission or misstatement by the Applicants in this Rental Application may result in the termination of your tenancy by the Landlord even after occupancy has been taken.

The Applicant hereby gives permission to the Landlord or his Agent to use the information collected herein to obtain a consumer report; to contact employers, previous landlords, references; to contact agencies that provide landlord information; to enforce the terms of any Tenancy Agreement that may be subsequently entered into with the Applicant; or to reasonably use it otherwise to assess this Rental Application. It is agreed that where this Application is rejected, the Landlord shall not be required to give reasons therefore.

ACCEPTANCE; The Landlord hereby accepts this Rental Application/Offer to Lease for the Rented Premises as herein described.

I/We acknowledge that the rent charged for the Rented Premises was negotiated based on the number of occupants as set out in our application and agree to limit the number of occupants accordingly. I/we accept that the personal information collected in this application shall be recorded and administered in accordance with the Landlord’s Privacy Policy, notice of which has been given as a schedule to this application. I/We certify that the above information and representations are complete and correct and are intended to be relied upon by the Landlord in its consideration of whether to accept my/our offer to lease.

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